Can teeth whitening damage teeth?

In general, teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to remove stains from teeth. When used properly, it does not spoil tooth enamel. However, it may have some side effects. It also doesn't work in all cases and can be expensive.

Patients should be aware of the risks and drawbacks and decide for themselves if teeth whitening, especially professional teeth whitening, is right for them. Although tooth enamel is much harder and more durable, excessive or regular use of teeth whitening products can cause enamel to erode. Tooth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure aimed at removing stains for a whiter, brighter smile. Studies now show that whitening teeth with whitening products containing hydrogen peroxide can endanger dental health.

While teeth whitening itself doesn't damage tooth enamel, it can cause problems if the enamel is already weak. These are the foods and beverages patients should avoid to maintain a bright smile after laser teeth whitening. Whitening trays are more affordable than an in-office whitening treatment, and trays can last up to five years. If you're looking for a way to whiten your smile without worsening tooth sensitivity, Sensodyne Repair and Protect whitening toothpaste is a great option.

Most Kör teeth whitening products recommend that you use a customized tray for two weeks, either during the day or night, depending on the type you and your dentist decide is best. Have crowns, fillings, or other types of dental restorations, these restorations are made of porcelain or resin and don't bleach, so they won't match your other bleached teeth. A dentist will be able to advise you what type of teeth whitening is best, or if it's best to avoid it altogether. In fact, the KöR whitening system can dramatically lighten teeth in up to 16 shades or more.

If you are looking for a reliable dental clinic in Taylors Lakes Australia for a teeth whitening procedure, look no further than Gardens Dental. Strawberries can be an essential part of a balanced and healthy diet, but you need to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste after eating them, as this acid is harmful to your teeth. Many people experience some pain and discomfort while performing the teeth whitening procedure. All forms of teeth whitening can cause temporary sensitivity, which will go away on its own after a few days or weeks.

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