Do Whitening Strips Work on Yellow Teeth?

Yellow or stained teeth can be made significantly whiter with the use of over-the-counter products. These products include teeth whitening strips and whitening toothpaste. Teeth whitening products are usually safe to use, as long as you follow the instructions on the package. Do Crest Whitestrips work? The short answer is yes, but the full answer is much more nuanced and may even depend on the individual.

Teeth whitening strips are a relatively simple and convenient way to remove surface stains, and Crest Whitestrips is the most notable brand on the market today. But is this method right for you? So how does Crest Whitestrips work? It turns out that these white strips contain many of the same whitening ingredients as other whitening strips on the market. Now, this is the most important question: whether the ridges of the white strips actually work on yellow teeth or not. Yes, Crest White Strips can give you the best possible teeth whitening results.

Snow-white strips use peroxide to whiten teeth, just like Crest, but they're also made with Snow's patented P3 technology, which makes them even more effective at whitening. In reality, there is no direct answer as to its effectiveness or supremacy against the professional or in-office teeth whitening procedure. Since then, Crest white strips have grown to become not only the best-selling teeth whitening kit on the market, but also the most popular and recognized brand of teeth whitening strips. Crest teeth whitening strips also contain carbomer, which is safe in the amount used in the strips, to add more staying power to the gel. Perhaps the reason these users haven't been able to achieve longer-lasting whitening results is because they didn't maintain their teeth properly, or it could be due to other individual factors.

However, it's important to note that home whitening strips contain lower concentrations of whitening ingredients than products supplied by the dentist. Sensitivity will generally be lower with bleach strips than with any other form of bleaching, however, the bleaching process will take longer due to the lower percentage of hydrogen peroxide active ingredient. People with heavily stained teeth or high expectations may not get the results they want with over-the-counter whitening strips. Whitestrips can only go so far to whiten teeth; that is, they will whiten only the surfaces they completely cover and adhere to. A white crested strip comes with two strips, one for the upper teeth and one for the lower teeth, and can only be used once.

If your yellow teeth are caused by surface stains, these and similar products should be able to remove those stains and restore your teeth to their natural color. If any of the causes of stained teeth have left you dissatisfied with your smile, you have plenty of options for whitening products. Crest Glamorous White Whitestrips comes with 14 sets of strips (i.e. 28 strips in total), one for the upper teeth and one for the lower teeth.

However, evidence suggests that using teeth whitening products that contain hydrogen peroxide may endanger dental health.

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