Which teeth whitening pen works best?

If you don't feel like shelling out more money than you owe, consider the Polar teeth whitening pen. It's affordable and doesn't skimp on. How They Work · Our Picks · Bottom Line · Whitening Options. Who else recommends it? BestProducts, Healthline and StyleCraze chose the AuraGlow teeth whitening pen.

Most homemade whitening products do not contain a high enough dose of hydrogen peroxide to permanently damage tooth enamel; however, this pen is not at risk. Whitening formula avoids peroxide in favor of baking soda, aloe juice, pomegranate extract and chamomile extract for a smoother whitening experience. You'll have to stop treatment longer, the brand suggests a 15-minute waiting period followed by a quick rinse, but reviewers say you won't have to deal with gum irritation or bad taste. Considered a total change by a buyer, it will not have a dramatic whitening effect overnight, like peroxide, but will result in a brighter smile with continued use.

Colgate is a leader in the oral health space for creating innovative and effective products, and its nighttime teeth whitening pen is no different. Brighten your teeth while you sleep with a quick-drying whitening formula containing 3% hydrogen peroxide. The exclusive serum is designed to stay on your teeth through the night, but brushes easily in the morning before starting your day. Consider the pen's ability to remove up to 15 years of stains in just one week, depending on the brand, and it's no surprise that the treatment is a bestseller on Amazon with more than 5,400 perfect ratings.

Instead of filling up your schedule of dental appointments, you can achieve significant teeth whitening results in the comfort of your own home with teeth whitening pens. For best results, avoid smoking and drinking dark drinks, as these affect the effectiveness of teeth whitening with any teeth whitening solution, including pens. Professional whitening procedures use 15% to 43% hydrogen peroxide, so whitening pens offer a midpoint in terms of power. After brushing your teeth (and your teeth and gums are relatively dry), remove the cap of the teeth whitening pen and turn the bottom of the pen until the tip of the brush is covered with teeth whitening serum.

Keep in mind that a teeth whitening pen does not replace a normal toothbrush and toothpaste when it comes to cleaning your teeth, think of a whitening pen as an extra step in your oral care routine. Teeth whitening pens generally contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide (the same ingredients used by professional dentists) as active ingredients to help whiten teeth safely, according to Amber Bonnaig, D. For a whitening boost, look for something that uses an LED light, such as Idoluster Teeth Whitening Kit with Red LED Light %26 Blue. Studies show that while carbamide-based teeth whiteners produced dramatic effects in the first 14 days of teeth whitening treatment, hydrogen peroxide produced the same results at 21 days.

If you decide that teeth whitening pencils aren't for you, there are always alternatives, such as professional teeth whitening treatments from a dentist. Whitening pencils use carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide (the same active ingredients found in whitening strips) to whiten teeth. However, if you're serious about your teeth whitening routine and you're ready to fully commit, you'll want to buy teeth whitening pens in inexpensive packages. Then, simply paint the whitening gel on your teeth and let it sit for the time specified in the instructions for the teeth whitening pen of your choice, usually less than a minute.

For those who like to buy in bulk, Smile Direct Club teeth whitening pens are sold in a pack of eight, which equates to a full year of using teeth whitening pens. Home whitening products, such as toothpaste, trays, and strips, are more convenient than the teeth whitening procedures offered by your dentist. .

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