When is the Best Time to Use a Teeth Whitening Pen?

Teeth whitening pens are a great way to whiten your teeth without sensitivity or discomfort. They are pre-packaged and prepared to simplify complicated routines while providing effective whiteness. Most homemade whitening products do not contain a high enough dose of hydrogen peroxide to permanently damage tooth enamel, but this pen is not at risk. Whitening formula avoids peroxide in favor of baking soda, aloe juice, pomegranate extract and chamomile extract for a smoother whitening experience.

You'll have to wait longer for the treatment, the brand suggests a 15-minute waiting period followed by a quick rinse, but reviewers say you won't have to deal with gum irritation or bad taste. Colgate is a leader in the oral health space for creating innovative and effective products, and its nighttime teeth whitening pen is no different. Brighten your teeth while you sleep with a quick-drying whitening formula containing 3% hydrogen peroxide. The exclusive serum is designed to stay on your teeth through the night, but brushes easily in the morning before starting your day.

Consider the pen's ability to remove up to 15 years of stains in just one week, depending on the brand, and it's no surprise that the treatment is a bestseller on Amazon with more than 5,400 perfect ratings. Needless to say, but avoid eating and drinking during a treatment session. Even friction caused by the lips or cheeks can dislodge the whitening film, making the treatment less effective. The convenience of bleaching on the go is a big plus for pens, but sometimes you want to speed up the whitening process.

Not only does this method make it easier to whiten on the go, but it also helps you reach hard-to-reach areas, such as between your teeth, that other whitening options tend to overlook. Some people find more success with this formula than others, but in all cases, whitening doesn't hold up for as long as the stain removal power of other whitening pens. For best results, avoid smoking and drinking dark drinks, as these affect the effectiveness of teeth whitening with any teeth whitening solution, including pens. Almost anyone who wants to whiten their smile and remove surface stains for aesthetic reasons will succeed with teeth whitening pens. Then, simply paint the whitening gel on your teeth and let it sit for the time specified in the instructions for the teeth whitening pen of your choice, usually less than a minute.

A study found that people who whitened their teeth and then practiced good oral hygiene and stain prevention measures still had whiter teeth a year later, no matter what whitening method they used. Auraglow teeth whitening pen is a great way to whiten teeth without sensitivity or discomfort. Eating or drinking too soon can remove some of the gel, stopping the whitening process and preventing you from seeing the full effects of the whitening pen. Teeth whitening pens are already a convenient alternative to other whitening methods, but not all pens are created equally. But this whitening pen balances its fast and powerful whitening powers with a convenient once-a-day application, while preventing potential discomfort to teeth and gums. Without a barrier (such as a tray or strip) between the tongue and the whitening gel, flavor matters with whitening pens.

Teeth whitening pens are a recent innovation that improves the convenience of whitening your teeth at home, giving you maximum flexibility and benefits with fewer hassles.

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