Do Teeth Whitening Strips Expire? An Expert's Guide

Do teeth whitening strips expire? The answer is yes. All whitening strips have a shelf life of about one year, and their active ingredients will lose their effectiveness after the expiration date. Although it is possible to extend the shelf life of whitening strips by storing them in the refrigerator, it is not recommended to use them after they expire. Using expired whitening strips won't hurt your teeth, but they won't work as well as before.

Professional-grade whitening strips contain water and beauty products that can generate bacteria over time. The decrease in their bleaching effects is also often noticeable, although some bleaching dye may still be obtained from the strips. Before using any teeth whitening product, it is important to consider the pain and sensitivity associated with the use of whitening products in general. Dentists discourage overuse of bleaching strips, whether expired or not.

When purchasing teeth whitening strips, it is important to check the expiration date and use them regularly. It's not dangerous to use teeth whitening strips that have passed their expiration date, but it's not recommended by dental professionals. Crest whitening strips are ADA-approved for being safe and effective to use for teeth whitening when following the manufacturer's instructions. If your Crest whitening strips expire, you can still use them, but they won't work as well after the expiration date because your active ingredients will lose their ability to do their job.

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