Which teeth whitening method is best?

Professional Teeth Whitening Professional (in-office) teeth whitening is the fastest and most effective teeth whitening option. The procedure lasts just one hour and can whiten teeth two to eight shades lighter, with results lasting up to five years. Different teeth whitening methods Over-the-counter teeth whitening methods. The best, most durable and sustainable way to whiten teeth is with custom whitening gel trays.

These whitening gel trays are custom made and adjusted by your dentist based on the unique impressions of your teeth. If you want quick results, laser whitening and zoom whitening can whiten teeth in several shades in just one hour. A whitening kit provided by your dentist is a more economical way to achieve good results while remaining under the supervision of a dental professional. You'll buy whitening gel to use at home (it's stored in the fridge) any time you want to whiten your teeth.

LED teeth whitening systems like Zoom aren't as intense as laser treatment, so you may need more than one session to see the results you want, although Phillips claims they can whiten teeth up to eight shades in an hour. When it comes to whitening your smile, at-home whitening products can provide quite powerful results with the added benefit of being cost-effective, convenient, and causing little or no tooth sensitivity. OK, a toothbrush alone won't whiten your teeth, but it can help you achieve your goal of getting pearly whites faster (especially when combined with a good whitening toothpaste). However, hydroxyapatite (HAp) toothpaste is the only whitening toothpaste that can inherently whiten teeth from the inside out.

By using lasers and peroxide-based bleaching agents in a professional environment, this method of teeth whitening provides spectacular and long-lasting results. Take-home whitening kits may be the best method of teeth whitening for you if you have enough discipline to follow your dentist's instructions and don't need the quick results that more expensive in-office teeth whitening treatments provide. It's worth getting quotes from more than one dentist for the cost of laser teeth whitening, as professional teeth whitening costs vary from clinic to clinic based on several factors. Another option for whitening your teeth is to visit a cosmetic dentist and have them professionally whitened.

The Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit comes with 22% carbamide peroxide, sealed in light-proof aluminum foil and custom mouth trays for safe whitening. With Phillips technology, it works similar to laser whitening, but instead uses LED lights to speed up a whitening agent. To give you a better idea of what this whitening treatment entails, here is a video review of a woman named Brooklyn who had Zoom whitening at the dentist. Teeth whitening at home costs less than teeth whitening at the dentist because you spend relatively little time in the dentist's chair.

PAP+ is the main whitening ingredient that works to whiten discolored molecules in teeth. Your first step will be to have a consultation with a teeth whitening professional who can assess your suitability for your chosen teeth whitening procedure.

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